Winter League

Season Overview

  1. In the SMHL no team is responsible for providing a gym or hosting games. Games will be played at MSA in Saco, MBA in Portland and Lewiston Armory.
  2. The schedule for the first half of the season will be out before the first games are played. Then, in order to insure competitive games for the rest of the season, we will move teams up or down. The mission of the SMHL is to provide competitive playing opportunities for ALL teams and players. But, for all playoffs, teams will play in their grade levels. So, for example, if a 5th grade team is moved up to a 6th grade schedule in order to get competitive games in the second half of the season, in the playoffs they will move back to compete against 5th grade teams.
  3. Each team will play 12 games plus playoffs for eligible teams with the season ending the week before February vacation. Teams may play 2 games per weekend.
  4. Playoffs will be single elimination.
  5. One referee will be provide for all games. In the playoffs two officials will be used.
  6. You may enter more than one team in the same level or in different age groups or levels.
This league is for town teams or school teams but NOT All-star or AAU teams.


  1. There shall be NO zone defense at any point for team 6th grade and under. Man to man defense must be always played, double teaming is only allowed inside the arc.
  2. 7th & 8th grade teams only may use any defense desired.
  3. 60 minutes will be allotted for scheduling game times.
  4. Teams will be given 5 minutes for pre-game warmup and 3 minutes at halftime.
  5. There is to be no shooting around by other teams during timeouts as coaches are speaking with their teams.
  6. Timeouts are to be 60 seconds in length.
  7. Each team will get 3 timeouts during regulation and 1 TOTAL during overtime.
  8. Each game will be 2 (20) minutes running time with stop time during timeouts and during the last 2 minutes of each half.
  9. Overtime will be 2 minutes long(stop time) and, should there be a second overtime, it will be sudden win. Each overtime period will begin with a jump ball.
  10. Teams will be in the bonus situation on the 7th foul (1&1) and in double bonus on the 10th(2 shots) .
  11. Players will foul out on their 6th foul.
  12. In grades 6 and below teams may only press in the last 5 minutes of each half and only until they have a 10-point lead.
  13. If a coach or player receives a second technical in the season, they will be suspended for one game. A third technical will result in removal from the league.
  14. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their fans.
  15. Coaches are responsible for providing one responsible parent to run either the score clock or to keep the scorebook.
  16. If a team is up by 20+ at any given point, there will be running time.