Winter League

Winter Registration Now Open!


Season Overview

  • Who: Boys & Girls – 3/4th – 8th Grade
  • Where: Portland, Saco, and surrounding gyms.
  • Cost: $995 per team /$100 deposit per team to hold a spot.
  • Season runs from November 17 to February 11th
  • Deadline to register is November 1st
  • No gate fee until playoffs
  • In the SMHL no team is responsible for providing a gym or hosting games.  
  • SMHL teams are grade-based on the highest grade of a player on your team. There are five grade levels for boys & girls (3/4th grade / 5th grade / 6th grade / 7th grade / 8th grade). 
  • The schedule for the first half of the season will be out before the first games are played. Then, to ensure competitive games for the rest of the season, we will move teams up or down. The mission of the SMHL is to provide competitive playing opportunities for ALL teams and players. But, for all playoffs, teams will play in their grade levels. So, for example, if a 5th-grade team is moved up to a 6th-grade schedule to get competitive games in the second half of the season, in the playoffs they will be moved back to compete against 5th-grade teams. 
  • Each team will play 13 games plus playoffs for eligible teams. The season will end the week before February vacation. Teams may play up to 2 gamers per weekend barring unforeseen circumstances. If needed additional games may be scheduled. 
  • Playoffs will be single elimination. 
  • One referee will be provided for all games. In the playoffs, two officials will be used. 
  • You may enter more than one team in the same level or in different age groups.
  • No player may be on the roster of more than one team, nor play on more than one team, at any level. If a player does play on two separate teams both teams will be ineligible for tournament play.
  • The SMHL is for teams coming from the same town, school, or school district. There are to be no All-Star teams.
  • If for any reason, a team is comprised of players other than in the three allowable options, (same town, same school, or same school district) the team may play in the regular season but will not be eligible for tournament participation. An asterisk will be placed beside their name.